Easy Hood FUJIFILM X-T5 Wooden Handgrip L-Shape Grip Quick Release Plate for Arca Can be Installed Stabilizer, Alloy Material, Multi Hole Interface Complete,Comfortable Grip

Product Size: L*W*H: 150*38*80mm, weight: 135g.
Quick Release Plate for Fujifilm X-T5 Camera, can be directly installed DJI RS2/RSC2/RS3/RS3PRO stabilizer
Durable Material: Our Fujifilm X-T5 camera L shape is made of durable alloy and wooden material, quick release plate and easy to portable.
Multi-Hole design: Built-in multiple 1/4" screw interface, 1/4" ale locating hole 3/8" screw interface, cold shoe interface and aka interface, complete interface.
With Arca Quick Release Plate
Customized specifically for Fujifilm X-T5 Camera - Easy Hood L-Shape Grip aerospace aluminum base plate while using a wooden grip instead of a metal grip to have a more comfortable grip.
Quick disassembly - X-T5Wooden Handgrip built-in special quick release plate and side plate, support the installation of stabilizer accessories rich expansion, can be directly installed DJI RS2/RSC2/RS3/RS3PRO stabilizer. The side panel can be removed for convenience and compactness, and the side panel can be extended and pulled by 22mm, leaving enough space for wiring in vertical shooting mode.
Precise opening of multiple holes - built-in multiple 1/4" screw ports, 1/4" Alai positioning holes 3/8" screw ports, cold shoe interface and Aka port, the interface is complete and does not affect the battery compartment port, the flip screen opens normally.
Skeleton design - lightweight product, alloy material, lightweight and portable, light weight, compact, using the side panel only 135g, remove the side panel only 89g, and equipped with M5 magnetic wrench at the bottom of the Quick Release Plate, the front of the bottom baffle with adhesive pad protection, side with wrist slot.
Arca Quick Release Plate - Arca's Quick Release Plate is built into the bottom and can be directly switched to tripods and heads.

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