Lens hood: a new way of photography, creating unlimited possibilities

Publish Time: 2023-11-09
Lens hood is a very practical tool in photography. It can help photographers better control the light and create better photos. With the continuous development of photography technology, the types and functions of lens hoods are becoming more and more abundant, providing photographers with more choices and creative space.
1. The function of hood
The main function of a lens hood is to prevent light from reaching the lens, thereby reducing glare and light spots in photos. In addition, the lens hood can also help photographers shoot under backlight conditions and improve the contrast and clarity of photos. At the same time, the lens hood can also prevent the lens from accidental collision or friction and protect the lens from damage.
2. Types of hoods
Round Lens Hood: This is the most common type of lens hood and will fit most lenses. It can effectively block surrounding light and reduce glare and light spots.
Petal-shaped hood: This kind of hood has flexible blades that can be freely adjusted to make it easier for photographers to take creative shots.
Long strip hood: This kind of hood is usually suitable for telephoto lenses, which can effectively block the surrounding light and improve the clarity of photos.
Filter hood: This type of hood is often used with filters to prevent light from passing through the filter and causing glare and spots.

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